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The driving force behind our Firm is Wendy Hunt, an Accredited Specialist in Personal Injury Law. To understand Wendy's approach to her clients it is important to know that, prior to becoming a lawyer and specialising in personal injuries for the past 17 years, Wendy was a Social Welfare Worker. In her time working as a Social Welfare Worker, Wendy saw first hand the sometimes insurmountable difficulties faced by people who have suffered a personal injury and the impact that this has on them as well as the impact this has on their family and friends.

Wendy's expertise in Personal Injury and Compensation law has been recognised by her presence on the Westmead Hospital Legal Panel for over a decade and the constant referrals she receives from social workers and her dealings with case managers and the Westmead Brain Injury Unit.

To discuss your rights to compensation and for an assessment of the amount of compensation you may be entitled to receive contact Wendy at W.D. Hunt & Associates to arrange your free face-to-face conference on (02) 9689 1822 or email info@wdhunt.com.au.

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