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At W.D. Hunt & Associates we practice exclusively in the area of Personal Injury law and have a good track record in providing professional guidance for public liability compensation claims. As a result of our specialised legal practice we have extensive experience in advising people, who have suffered an injury in a public place, on their rights to receive compensation for their injuries. So if you are looking for public liability claims in NSW then our team led by Wendy Hunt is ready to offer you expert advice.

The driving force behind our Firm is Wendy Hunt, a personal injury specialist who has been a member of the Westmead Hospital Legal Panel for over a decade advising patients on their rights to make a compensation claim when they are injured in public places. Wendy deals with the most severely injured of clients including those suffering brain injuries and amputations and receives constant referrals from disability groups and other support groups to assist people injured in public places.

Complimenting this invaluable experience on the Westmead Hospital Legal Panel is Wendy’s previous career as a Social Welfare Worker which has given her insight into the difficulties faced when people suffer a personal injury from an accident in a public place.

At W.D. Hunt & Associates we pride ourselves on maximising our client’s compensation claim. To ensure that we achieve the best compensation result for our clients we have drawn together an amazing support team which includes expert medical practitioners and case workers, psychiatrists, psychologists, forensic engineers and accountants as well as prestigious barristers with exceptional experience in this area of the law.

The support of this expert team is invaluable when we act for clients who have suffered an injury in a public place as a claim for compensation under the Civil Liability Act requires the injured person to prove that their injury was the result of negligence of the person or authority in charge of the place where the injury occurred. This is why we have a private investigator who visits the place the accident occurred and gathers evidence on the accident from witnesses and the victim to support the compensation claim. We also draw on our team of Forensic Engineers who may be required to perform expert testing to show how an injury has occurred. It may be that an injury has been received from a slip and fall type injury. If liability is disputed by the insurer we may need our Forensic Engineer to provide slip resistant testing to determine the co-efficient friction on the surface where the injury occurred.

We understand the financial stress that occurs when you have suffered a personal injury and the financial stress that not being able to earn an income or having a reduced income can cause. This is why we have a strict No Win/No Fee policy meaning that you do not pay any legal fees in respect of your compensation claim unless your compensation claim is successful. In the rare event that your claim is not successful then you will not have to pay any legal fees.

To discuss your rights to compensation and for an assessment of the amount of compensation you may be entitled to receive contact Wendy at W.D. Hunt & Associates to arrange your free face-to-face conference on (02) 9689 1822 or email

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