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At W.D. Hunt & Associates we practice only in compensation and damages claims with a substantial speciality for catastrophic injuries including brain injuries and severe traumatic brain injuries.

Our experience in brain injuries stems from the unique background of Wendy Hunt, the driving force behind our Firm. For over a decade Wendy has been a member of the Westmead Hospital Legal Panel. As a member of this Panel, Wendy has over a decade of experience in providing advice to patients in the Westmead Brain Injury Unit who have suffered a brain injury as a result of: -

  • a motor vehicle accident;
  • an accident in the workplace;
  • an accident in a public place;
  • injuries resulting from victims compensation matters, such as an assault.

As a result of Wendy’s extensive experience in advising patients suffering from brain injury and her contact with the Brain Injury Unit at Westmead Hospital and discussions with Dr Kathleen McCarthy, in charge of the Outreach Rehabilitation Unit at the Brain Injury Unit, and many other doctors specialising in this field such as Dr Patricia Jungfer Consultant Psychiatrist specialising in brain injury, and Dr Stephen Buckley Rehabilitation Specialist, she has gained a broad knowledge of the human body and the ancillary symptoms that often arise as a result of a brain injury such as anger outbursts, frustration, fatigue, poor concentration, lack of motivation, short term memory loss, confusion, hearing loss and/or blurred or double vision.

This understanding has allowed Wendy to recognise symptoms of brain injury that may have been overlooked by doctors particularly where the accident has resulted in multiple life threatening physical injuries requiring urgent medical treatment or patients treated in country towns without specialist equipment or specialist medical teams to deal with people who may be suffering from a traumatic brain injury. Coupled with her previous experience as a Social Welfare Worker it is easy to understand why Wendy acts with professionalism, compassion and respect when providing advice for clients and their families who are dealing with the impact of brain injury as a result of an accident.

At W.D. Hunt & Associates we operate under the motto of “We won’t miss a thing”. This motto is of particular importance when we are advising clients on brain injuries and their entitlement to compensation and damages for their injuries. We don’t miss a thing and we make sure that we don’t by ensuring that our client’s injuries are fully investigated and supported by expert medical evidence and any other evidence that we believe is important to our client’s compensation claim. We are able to offer our clients who have suffered brain injuries access to top medical professionals who are leading experts in their fields, who can provide quality medico legal reports with whom we have formed close relationships as a result of Wendy’s experience in working with catastrophic injuries.

If you or a loved one has suffered a brain injury as a result of a personal injury then Wendy is the best person to talk to about your damages and compensation claim. She has an understanding in this area that goes far beyond normal experience that results in her clients receiving the maximum amount of monetary compensation for their personal injury claim.

To discuss your rights to compensation and for an assessment of the amount of compensation you may be entitled to receive contact Wendy at W.D. Hunt & Associates to arrange your free face-to-face conference on (02) 9689 1822 or email

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